Data Protection is a Joke

If you are someone who thinks data protection doesn't affect you, then you should keep reading further.

I used to believe myself that my data is secure as i don’t share it with other people.

But my perspective changed after this incident.


I used to order a lot online since pandemic and was using one of Asia’s biggest food delivery service. I will not name it as we will miss the big picture.

After each order I was asked for my review like every service does. I gave few bad reviews regarding missing items in the order.

Without me realizing that this would trigger a response from the restaurant.

After couple of day’s I got a call from the owner of restaurant regarding the review and starting complaining and shouting about why i was putting in bad reviews.

I was literally shocked to see how easy it was to get hold of my personal information and contact me

The aftermath

I thought about this incident and a scenario came up where all the restaurant i ever order from has by personal information

Email, Phone and Address

So apparently, I called up their support and they told me they comply with personal data protection.

My next question ? then how the restaurant had my details?

The answer was shocking as they were a partner to the service so they could offer my data on a plate and serve them

The Big Question

So once the partner have your data they can do anything with it , you don’t have any control over it.

This reminds me of Facebook data issue few years back. I will leave it up to you how big companies are misusing the accept terms button to pass on your information everywhere.

Everyone wants the customer’s money but they don’t want the responsibility and accountability

Leave your comments what you feel about sharing of data to third party so called partners.

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